80% of vans will not be compliant when the UK introduces its ULEZ

80% of vans will not be compliant when the UK introduces its ULEZ

The UK imposed it’s first-ever ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone). Because of this, around 80% of vans that are on the roads of the UK will be unable to comply with the standards that the new zone demands! After implementing the ULEZ in London, a lot of Clean Air Zones (CAZs) will establish in various areas of the UK. According to this rule, five cities must initiate the Clean Air Zone by 2020: Birmingham, Derby, Leeds, Nottingham, and Southampton. The government’s aims to reduce the nitrogen-dioxide levels under the legal limit as soon as it can (which is, by 2021).

About the ULEZ:

The following vehicles are required to pay the charges:

1) Pre-Euro 6 diesel vehicles, along with hybrids (must be older than 2015). Non-Euro 6 compliant diesel vans need to pay the ULEZ charges as they don’t meet the emission standards.

2) Pre-Euro 4 petrol vehicles, along with hybrids (must be older than 2006).

According to the Euro 3 emission standards, motorcycles from before 2007are also required to pay under the ULEZ as well. If these drivers do not comply with these standards, they will have to pay £12.50 fee on top of the £11.50 congestion charge as a fine. Van-owners who own older vans will have to pay £10 if they want to drive in the city.

These charges apply one time every 24 hours as soon as vans enter the zones. It means that vans and other vehicles would have to pay these fines every day a week, which means 365 days a year! Newly purchased vehicles as well as electric and hydrogen fuel vans and other vehicles won’t have to pay fines. Moreover, historic, disable, or military vans and vehicles are also not required to pay the charges.

Strategies to avoid the charges

Hire Vans as an alternative

Hiring vans is an ideal way to overcome the ULEZ standards and other future regulations that are to come. Hiring vans that are Euro-6 compliant and are also long-term and flexible will be a better alternative. You can choose from a fleet of vans that are regularly updated and refreshed.

We offer you a variety of vans and are known for providing excellent services! You can, therefore, find a solution to the needs of your business and not go through the hassle of ULEZ as well. The term you want to choose is completely up to you, the vans we hire are flexible in terms of their use, and these vans comply with the ULEZ rules.

Sell your van and rent another one

This alternative is ideal if you are switching from ownership to hiring vans. You can sell your vans that aren’t compliant with the ULEZ. The cash that you earn from the selling of these vans should be helpful for your business!

So, even if 80% of the vans are compliant to the ULEZ, there are still alternatives that you should consider and use to your benefit!

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