Allergy is widespread in the UK with millions of people suffering with at least one allergy in a life time. ‘Seasonal allergic rhinitis’ or hayfever is considered the most common allergy with one in four of the UK population suffering. Rhinitis is inflammation of the nose, which is recognized by symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, blocked / stuffy nose, itching and ‘post-nasal drip’. There are ways in which we can ease the symptoms whilst driving.

Carbon air filters clean the incoming air and remove a lot of the allergens before they enter the vehicle, so it is important to ensure these are replaced regularly. Central do our up most to ensure the air filters are replaces regularly but the majority of our hire cars are less than one year old anyway and all our Month X Month vehicles are brand new!

Keeping windows closed and using the Air Conditioning within a vehicle is a much better option for allergy sufferers. The majority of Centrals hire vehicles now come with AC and/or the option of re-ventilation, meaning you are recycling the clean air within your vehicle.

A simple but effective way to keep pollen out of a vehicle is to change your footwear for driving. If you have walked over grass etc the pollen is on your footwear and entering the vehicle you will be sat in. Changing your shoes before driving will help prevent you sitting in a pollen filled vehicle.

Dust mites are another common allergy in the UK. We do everything possible to keep our homes dust mite free but what about our vehicles? Vacuuming your vehicle regularly can help prevent dust mites from making home in your vehicle. All Centrals vehicles are vacuumed between customers.

Mould is another common cause of allergy and can aggravate asthma sufferers. Ensure all spills in vehicles are cleaned as soon as possible to prevent mould build up. Also regularly wipe around window and door rubber seals as these can be prone to mould. All our hire vehicles are cleaned to the highest standard before collection.

Considering the time we spend in vehicles in the current times we live, it’s a good idea to keep them allergy free! So when you think about your next car hire or van hire think Central Self Drive, Warrington, because we think about you!

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