Can You Rent A Van If You Are Under 25?

Young couple leaning on a white van | Can You Rent A Van If You Are Under 25?

With the increasing number of users on British roads, and the need for younger drivers to have transport for work, it’s a question we get asked a lot, whether users under 25 can rent our vans.

Many apprentices or young start-ups are wanting or needing to drive a company vehicle, it can sometimes be a complicated and daunting process. Various paperwork, insurance concerns, even excessive surcharges, they’re all in the back of your mind when renting a van, should you be under the age of 25.

But fear not, we’re on hand to give you a few pointers, and highlight the benefits of using Central Self Drive for all your car and van hire needs, no matter how old you are.

Under 20?

Unfortunately, if you’re in between these ages you won’t be able to hire a van. It’s company policy and is carried out by pretty much every rental service around the world. The insurance premiums will be too high and are deemed too big a risk. Looks like you’ll just have to stick to being a passenger for now.

21 and over?

Good news, you can rent our vehicles, but there are some limits in place, which are explained below:

How long do I need to have held a licence for?

If you’re aged between 21 and 25 years old, then you’ll need a licence for a minimum of 2 years, and free from any endorsements – no motor offences are allowed.

You’ll only be able to hire our smaller vans and vehicles, up to a short wheelbase transit or similar size, so it’s worth checking what van you may need before enquiring.

Between 25 and 30?

You’ll need to have had your licence for at least 12 months, with some endorsements allowed. Only our minibuses and 7.5-tonne trucks are forbidden from renting if you’re in this age bracket.

Over 30?

You can hire any of our vehicles, but should you want to rent a minibus, you must hold a Category D1 entitlement on your licence.

Is there a young driver surcharge?

Unlike other companies, we don’t charge young drivers a surcharge providing they meet the minimum requirements.

Surcharges can prove extremely expensive and sometimes are even more than the actual fee to rent the car. We won’t punish you simply because of your age.

What vans do you offer?

We have a wide range of vans to hire, with day rates starting from just £35!

All of our options include VAT, insurance, breakdown cover, fair wear and tear and are BVRLA approved.

If you’re just hiring for one day, then you will also be able to benefit from unlimited mileage, making it the perfect option for those long drives!

Check out the full list and submit an enquiry here

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