All our customers and the thoughts they have on our service mean a lot to us and this is why for the past 2 years, the Central team has been asking customers, new and old, for their feedback on our services.

Perhaps not surprisingly the core values that Stan Lewis originally put in to place still stand strong, over 40 years and 3 generations later. These values are:

  • TRUST – We want our customers to trust us which is why we offer high  standards of customer care & vehicles and get involved in our community.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – We aim to deliver the best service we possibly can to all our customers big and small.
  • QUALITY – We aim to deliver excellent standards at all times.
  • VALUE – We will continue to offer exceptional value to all our customers.
  • INTEGRITY – We will continue to be honest and have strong moral principles.
  • PASSION – We will continue to have passion in all aspects of our business.
  • COLLABORATION – we will work with each other and our customers to do a task and to achieve shared goals.
  • INNOVATION – We will continue to keep up with the latest requirements of our customers.

At Central we are very proud of our reputation, with over 90% of the 300 people surveyed rating us excellent in all areas. The graphic above shows the words customers most frequently used to express their experience with us.

If you would like to provide us with your feedback, you can do so through the website, via e-mail mail@www.centralselfdrive.co.uk as well as the usual mediums like google or facebook. Or just pick up the phone!

Thank you once again to all our customers for being “central” to our values!

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