Contract Hire Leasing in Warrington

Contract Hire Leasing in Warrington

When you’re on the lookout for contract hire leasing in Warrington, confidence in your supplier is vital.

At Central Self Drive, we can give you that confidence in contract hire leasing in cold hard facts like:

  • 6000 rentals per year
  • 100+ new vehicles purchased each year
  • 50% of our B2B custom is national or international business


This latest Central Self Drive blog will elaborate on our contract hire leasing service at Central Self Drive. We believe we’re the number one destination for all your contract hire needs!


Why buy when you can rent? –

Our Contract van Hire options offer the most reliable and cost-effective alternative to owning and maintaining your own vehicle.

Choose any make and model, including colour and any optional extras. Central Self Drive contract hire leasing in Warrington will locate and purchase it on your behalf.

Having decided on the terms of your lease (the repayment pattern, the facilities you want including in the contract and your anticipated annual mileage), a contract hire vehicle agreement can be created for that particular vehicle.


What makes our confidence in contract hire different from the rest?

At Central Self Drive, we’re confident in our contract hire leasing in Warrington service. As such, we’ve come up with a list of key reasons that makes our contract hire leasing stand out from the crowd!

Creditability and stability – our financial record allows us to secure the best funding facilities to acquire your fleet and pass on these savings to our customers.

Independence, experience and expertise – we are not a manufacturer; our advice is completely impartial.

We will draw up a proposal to help our clients make an informed decision on the vehicle or fleet to drive your business forward. What’s more, when your new vehicles arrive, our fleet experts can help you manage them.

Transparency – there are many different contract hire and leasing options on the market. It can be tough to know if you are comparing apples with apples!

Between payment profiles and varied maintenance contracts, Central can break down the differences and help customers understand all aspects of contract hire.

Flexibility – If contract hire is a new funding method for you, then contract hire leasing is a must. We can provide early termination clauses, purchase options and have the flexibility to change terms, conditions and service levels halfway through the contract if our customers require it.


For more on contract hire leasing in Warrington, please call 01925 444 750 or enquire online here.

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