Customer Hybrid BMW 530e Road-Test

Warrington Worldwide’s Gary Skentelbery - Hybrid BMW 530e Road-Test

This month we handed over the keys for a Hybrid BMW 530e to Warrington Worldwide’s Gary Skentelbery, with the editor impressed by the first electric 5 Series of its kind.

As part of our Month by Month offer, customers are able to drive away a wide range of cars, vans and more, including this classy plug-in hybrid offering.

The 530e boasts a 2.0 litre, four-cylinder petrol engine, with an impressive 184 brake horsepower. It also comes with a 9.2kWh battery pack, ensuring the vehicle can be repowered at almost any electric charging point.

Away from the engine, it boasts the same limo-like interior as previous editions, as well as the sleek and instantly recognisable exterior.

Speaking about his time behind the wheel, Gary said: “Hybrid vehicles have certainly upped their game over the past five years and with an average electrical charge usage of around 20 miles, the BMW 530e is perfect for short distances around town.”

A Land Rover driver for over 20 years, it appears the electric experience may have possibly persuaded the experienced journalist’s next car choice, adding:

“After enjoying the car for three days I was somewhat reluctant to hand it back and it has certainly given me the taste for considering a hybrid for my next vehicle – if only to help reduce on pollution, especially on those short, start, stop trips around town.”

Click to view Gary’s first-hand review of driving the Hybrid BMW 530e


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