“DVSA: No Government licensing regime for vans!”

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“DVSA: No Government licensing regime for vans!”

“Does this mean as a business you don’t have to do any kind of driver training?”

Here at Central Self Drive our fleet managers can take care of every aspect of your vehicle management allowing you to free up valuable time and resources. We can offer a full range of fleet management including maintenance, accident management, administration, finance & disposal, vehicle tracking and driver training.

Your vehicles are safe and road worthy BUT are your drivers ready to drive? Research has shown that 80-95% of all vehicle crashes are related to human factors.


Managing occupational safety and health risks to drivers in the road transport sector can be challenging because drivers work alone, away from their base, and have to contend with traffic danger in addition to many other risks that are difficult for them to control. However with the use of ‘driver training management and behavior policies’ there are many ways we can help from difficult problems through to smaller ones such as:

  • Fatigue is the most commonly reported health problem in land transport according to Eurofound’s European working conditions survey and national surveys. (Make sure your drivers know how to deal with this problem).
  • Bad Posture in the driver’s seat can not only lead to time off sick with back problems (costing the company money) but can have a big influence on a driver’s performance. This is why Central source vehicle models with adjustable seats, steering wheels and headrests and take driver comfort into account.
  • Stress can cause drivers to take unnecessary risks and struggle to hold concentration. In addition, it can lead to sleep deprivation, so fleet managers need to make sure that their drivers are healthy, happy and in the right frame of mind to work.


Driver training is an essential part of fleet management. Developing and educating your drivers will not only increase their awareness but also reduce accidents and cut the cost involved whilst improving vehicle efficiency. You can count on our vast experience to help with the needs of your development.

Taking 15-30 minutes out of a week to give your employee’s toolbox talks on safe driving and working practises is nothing compared to the amount of time and stress in the unfortunate event of an accident in one of your vehicles.


Your driver starts work at 8am, of course he hasn’t been drinking so early in the morning but what did he do the night before?  It takes much longer than most people think for alcohol to pass through the body…. Nearly one in six convicted drink-drivers are caught the morning after drinking. On average, it takes about one hour for your body to break down one unit of alcohol, however, this can vary.

Central recommend the use of testing equipment, permission of the company to conduct random testing must be written into employees’ contracts, indicating how, and how often, it may take place. However, if you suspect driver impairment you have the right to test for alcohol or drugs, even if this is not written into company policy or employee contracts.


Over the past few months alone, Central Self Drive has helped our clients with:

  • Implementing Employee/Company Vehicle Policy
  • Claims Management – saving a customer over £4000
  • Vehicle Acquisition – comparison and guide
  • Procedure for driver vehicle walk around checks and defect reporting
  • Implementing vehicle damage control procedure
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Vehicle security
  • Vehicle breakdown management – saving a customer over £400
  • Vehicle maintenance

Central Self Drive is much more than ‘Just A Rental Company’ for more information on our Fleet Management Services and to see how we can help your business alleviate the worry and stress of running a fleet, please see:  https://www.centralselfdrive.co.uk/fleet-management.html

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