Environmental Policy

No booking deposit

No cancellation fees

No hidden extras


Vehicle policy

As we renew our fleet, Central Self Drive will endeavour to replace vehicles with the most fuel efficient models that produce the lowest C02 emissions possible. We aim to do this while maintaining business sustainability and efficiency. When replacing our fleet, we look to buy vehicles that have: • Latest euro 6 engines • Low CO2 emission • Stop / start technology • Eco drive assist • Speed limiters and restrictors • 6-gear speed box

In the office

• Only print emails and files when absolutely necessary • Recycle as much office waste as possible • Recycle or refill our ink cartridges • Turn off offices lights at the end of the day and when a room is not in use • Turn off any heating when a room is not in use • Set thermostats low on heating appliances


• We organise the delivery and collection of vehicles to and from our customers in the most efficient way possible to minimise unnecessary mileage and fuel usage. • Our Drivers are trained in fuel efficient driving techniques. • We Offer Eco-Driving Tips to Customers • Our vehicles cleaning products are diluted to the recommended ratios • We service and maintain our fleet above and beyond manufacturer recommendations • We register our commercial waste (tyres and oils) and obtain and file waste certificates and notes until required.