Gearing up for increased deliveries

Central Self Drive is gearing up for increased deliveries

Central Self Drive is gearing up for increased deliveries

As we all know, COVID-19 is, unfortunately, the topic that is on everyone’s minds and one that has turned a lot of people’s worlds upside down.

No one, including us, was prepared for such unprecedented circumstances but we are doing our absolute best to keep Warrington moving during this time. As we know, it is absolutely vital that brave key workers including delivery drivers, NHS staff, transport workers, social care workers, infrastructure (including gas and electric) and police officers continue to keep Warrington safe during this time. 

We have had to adapt quickly and are remaining open during the week from Monday to Friday, 8:30am till 5:30pm in order to supply vans and other vehicles to keep Warrington key workers on the road. Another vital factor that we have taken into consideration and actioned is the safety of our staff and clients. This has meant taking extra precautions when it comes to social distancing and hygiene, including: 


  • Spaced out bookings


  • Drive-through reception 


  • Staff are working from home where possible 


  • Valeters will wear a new pair of latex gloves for each time we prepare a new hire 


  • All staff will ensure they regularly wash their hands including each time we finish and start a new valet/vehicle 


  • We will use seat covers and remove before handing the vehicle over to our customers 


  • Staff change uniform daily 


  • Deep cleaning all vehicles before and after use with antibacterial disinfectant 


How can Central Self Drive help you?

It’s simple – we can help you by providing you with vehicle solutions to fit your needs. We can provide vans that are tailored to your exact requirement, including business needs and social distancing (e.g. you may need a larger van).

Whether you are looking to hire on a weekly or monthly basis we will do everything that we can to provide you with the right vehicle(s) and provide on-going support should it be required. Give us a call on 01925 444 750 to have a chat with one of the team. 

Finally, please keep safe and stay at home wherever possible! 

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