Getting your car ready for the cold winter months

Getting your car ready for the cold winter months

Winter is not only harsh on humans; it can be harsh on our vehicles too, with breakdowns far more likely during the cold months than when the weather is fair.

It’s the busiest time of year for breakdown companies, but by following our simple tips, you should have a hassle-free cold spell on the road, saving you time and money in the process.


1. Service your vehicle if needed

This can depend on when your service is due, but don’t put it off, especially as winter approaches.

One of the key reasons for cars failing as the cold snap arrives is due to not being properly services.

By getting a garage to give your car the once over, it will ensure it is safe to head out on the road in all conditions.


2. Check the battery

Modern cars come with better batteries nowadays, but these precautions should still be followed.

Before winter arrives, make sure your battery is checked to ensure it is in tip-top condition.

The colder months mean your battery has to work harder to combat the freezing temperatures, as well as having the added strain of constantly powering the headlights, fog lights and heating system.


3. Replace the tyres

Our tyre laws are relatively lenient compared to the likes of Germany and Sweden, but that shouldn’t stop British drivers using the roads with poor quality tyres.

Check you have the correct levels of grip, as balding tyres can cause your car to lose control due to the lack of grip.

It also hugely affects your braking time, something that you need as much as possible in winter conditions.


4. Ensure your windscreen is clear before setting off

Not only can driving with your windscreens covered in ice or snow be extremely dangerous, but it’s also illegal.

Give yourself that extra 10/15 minutes in a morning to allow the windows of your car to defrost, ensuring safer driving conditions for yourself and other road users.

If you want to speed up the process, then warm water can be used, but avoid boiling water at all costs as this can crack the windscreen.


5. Be breakdown ready

Should the unthinkable happen, you’ll feel much better knowing you have prepared for a long spell on the roadside in potentially Baltic conditions.

Keep a blanket and a warm coat in the boot throughout winter, which will allow you to stay a safe temperature whilst waiting for assistance.

Jump leads are another good accessory to keep in your vehicle, as well as making sure you have a spare tyre handy should you get a flat.

And of course, don’t forget breakdown cover, for a minimal amount per year you can get around the clock assistance should your car fail, no matter the age of the vehicle.

If your car or van is set for a long spell on the sidelines, then you can check out our excellent range of vehicles for hire here. Alternatively, get in touch via phone on 01925 444 750 and we can talk you through our latest deals.

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