Hiring and Leasing – The Road to a More Efficient Fleet

Let Central Help With Your Next Vehicle Acquisition!

One of the richest men in history, John Paul Getty (Oil Tycoon) once said, “If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it.”

Although depreciation varies greatly (depending on the make or model), a typical vehicle will loose on average 40% of its value in its first year of use and after 3 years 60% of its value!

Not only will leasing save you the big hit on depreciation, but there are also other benefits to take into consideration:

  • A management contract hire that is tailor-made to suit your needs.
  • The efficiency of one fixed monthly payment, 100% predictable, giving you total financial control.
  • Avoid the initial outlay  and simply return the vehicle at the end of the contract.
  • Full service & maintenance contracts.
  • Free 24hr breakdown cover.
  • Replacement Policy.
  • Fleet management.
  • Accident management.

Vehicle Hire

Crafter_NewsOne of the first things to look at is how often you are going to use your vehicle? If the vehicle is going to be sat idle for long periods of time, then perhaps Vehicle Hire would be a better option for you.

Daily rental arrangements allow you to tailor your fleet (be it one vehicle or many) to your specific needs. Hire that van you need for deliveries Mon – Wed, then perhaps the following week, hire a more economic car for visiting clients! Vehicle Hire with Central is flexible, has very little outlay and no hidden costs. With Central Self Drive’s Account Facilities, vehicles can be hired on a as and when required basis. This can be from a period of one day to several weeks. You benefit from 100% fleet utilisation and therefore are not paying for a vehicle sat idle. We always provide a quality professional service with helpful & knowledgeable staff.

 Reads about Central’s Account Facilities


Leasing / Contract Hire

red_barbarian_3Leasing offers the most cost effective alternative to owning & maintaining your own vehicle. If you use your vehicle regularly then contract hire could be for you! Not only do you avoid the huge initial outlay of a brand new vehicle but you dodge the depreciation value the minute you walk out of the showroom.

When leasing a vehicle you have full financial control over your vehicle costs per year. At Central Self Drive, for a fixed monthly cost, your vehicle can include 24hour emergency assistance and full service & maintenance plans, meaning none of the unexpected repair bills. Also there is the knowledge that should the unexpected happen, a replacement vehicle will be available meaning you are not left without the vital transport you need. In short, the main benefits of car leasing are :

  • You can drive away in a brand new vehicle which could have otherwise been out of your price range.
  • Road Tax, MOT’s, Service and Maintenance can be included in the price, meaning Fixed price Motoring.
  • No huge upfront costs, outlays or loans.
  • You can change your vehicle every 2-4 years and benefit from the latest fuel economy, safety & performance advancements.
  • If you fall in love with your vehicle we can offer you the chance to buy it.
  • Monthly payments can be less costly than repayments on a loan (depending on vehicle).

Learn about Contract Hire at Central Self Drive

New to contract hire-Then we can’t stress enough how  “Central’s Confidence in Contract Hire” is a must – having over 45years experience in vehicle hire and being a local family business we have the flexibility to change contracts mid-way through their term. For example, should our customer’s needs require us to allow extra mileage allowance or more or less maintenance cover, offer the opportunity to purchase the vehicle etc., this is not a problem, just call one of our Directors who will find a solution to suit your needs.




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