How to Deal with Northern Rail Train Cancellations

northern rail train cancellations solution

Has Your Train Ever Been Cancelled?

At Central Self Drive we pride ourselves on being Warrington’s longest-serving independent vehicle rental company. With a wide range of vehicles such as vans and cars of all shapes and sizes, we really have something to suit everyone! With Warrington being located in such an ideal location right in between Manchester and Liverpool we believe we are the best business for van hire in the area, proven through our extensive track record!


Train Cancellations

With the Northern Rail train cancellations and changes to the timetable for your daily commute into the big cities, is it really worth paying for a train ticket to have to travel for much longer than you need on a busy train at 8 am in the morning? Why not hire a Small environmental car for just £60 or van from us and make this commute more enjoyable for yourself, making life easier and more relaxing.

Train journeys add considerable amounts of time onto your journey to work, this is a valuable time that you could be being productive in instead of standing on a packed train early in the morning! Why not hire a van or car between you and some work friends to make that daily commute less hassle and all around quicker!

The sheer unpredictable nature of train travel is the reason we would personally prefer to travel by a van/car to work, and with rising costs to maintain your own car with petrol, MOTs and servicing, it makes sense to rent if its only for the purpose of getting from A to B in the week! The average car user spends about £23.70 a week on petrol, which is around £1232 a year! Not to mention the sky high insurance prices that can go as high as £3000 per year! On top of this, you have the yearly MOT and service along with any problems that you may occur. This is why it makes so much more sense to save all that hassle and just rent a vehicle to reduce the hassle for yourself. We also more luxurious cars such as the Audi A5 available to hire to help you arrive in style.


Best For Value!

Van Hire in Warrington doesn’t have to be expensive like some companies make out! We have many deals that we think You would love! How about ‘Move on Mondays’ which allows you to rent any panel van from 8:30 am on the Monday for 24 hours for just £49! This is a great investment if you’re moving back to University perhaps, or perhaps you’re moving house and need a van to move your belongings from A to B. We also provide a 10% discount for you loyal Warrington Wolves season ticket holders, £10 off every Sunday and Regular hirers receive a fast lane royalty card! We believe these offers make van hire in Warrington more accessible for everyone, which is what we ultimately want to achieve.

If you’re being affected by Train Cancellations and would like to request a quote or even find out more about our extensive range of vehicles up for hire why not check us out here.

Or even give us a call on 01925 444 750!

We are open 7 days a week and would be happy to be of service to your van hire needs!

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