How to stay safe from Road Traffic Accidents

How to stay safe from Road Traffic Accidents

Sadly, in the UK, road traffic accidents are all too common, and at Central Self Drive, we want to help keep our drivers and vehicles safe on the roads of Britain, with some simple tips and advice.

Firstly, many of these types of accidents are easily avoidable, should drivers take a more active role in their safety procedures while driving.

In this latest Central Self Drive blog, we provide some simple actions that make road accidents preventable.


React to the elements and adjust your driving accordingly –

The driving style you opt for in glorious sunshine will be markedly different from driving in a hailstorm, thick fog or snowfall.

It’s critical to react to changing conditions in weather as well as any roadworks or motorway maintenance.

Take your time, assess the conditions; try not to react to other driver behaviour. Trust your instincts and stay within the speed limit, particularly during bad weather.


Take regular breaks when driving long distances –

It may be easy to think, ‘I can rest when I get there,’ but it can only take a split second for your eyes to close.

Tiredness can impact the body’s reaction speeds, which is crucial to safe driving. Plan your route, with multiple stops depending on the distance you’re hoping to drive in a day.


Distracted or Reckless Driving –

Put your phone to silent whilst driving or onto driving mode.

Put yourself in other driver’s shoes. For example, if you were involved in an accident, how would it affect you and your family?

Because the chances are, it would affect other drivers in the exact, same way.


At Central Self Drive, all our vehicles undergo thorough maintenance checks before going out for hire as well as on their return. You’ll always be in safe hands before you hit the road; it’s up to you to be safe when you’re on it.

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