If Central Self Drive Insurance is required then the following conditions will apply;

Before cover can be granted under the insurance policy the hirer must have answered the questions on the Proposal section of the rental contact.

An additional driver proposal form must be completed where appropriate, customer qualification applies equally to an additional driver.

If any of the following questions are answered ‘YES’ full details must be obtained and Central Self Drive notified.

  • Have you had a proposal declined, a policy cancelled or renewal refused or been required to pay an increased premium or had special conditions imposed by an insurer?
  • Have you been convicted of any motoring offence during the past 5 years, or had your licence suspended during the past ten years, or is any prosecution pending?
  • Have you suffered from heart disorder, diabetes, fits or physical infirmity or are you regularly taking any prescribed medication?
  • If yes, has the health condition been notified to the DVLA?
  • Have you had any accidents and/or claims in the past 36 calendar months?

Having established the circumstances of the accident/incident clearance from Central Self Drive will be required if the prospective hirer:

  1. has had two or more ‘fault’ accidents during the preceding three years
  2. has a conviction/endorsement and an accident/claim history
  3. has had a ‘fault’ accident involving costs in excess of £5,000
  4. is aged 23-24 with 1 ‘fault’ accident in excess of £2,000
  5. is aged 21-22 with 1 ‘non fault’ accident

A ‘fault’ accident/claim is where payments incurred could not be recovered from a third party. Cover is not available for hirers/drivers 21-22 with any ‘fault’ accident/claim.

We will hire vehicles with the equivalent cover that applies in a standard comprehensive insurance policy subject to the terms and conditions of our insurers, the terms and conditions detailed in the Rental Agreement, and this Service Level Agreement.

Insurance cover is for the United Kingdom mainland only unless we grant clearance prior to rental.

Age restrictions apply as follows:

  • 12 months– for drivers between 25 and 70 inclusive
  • 24 months– for drivers between 21 and 24 inclusive

Limits are 21-70 – with special attention to drivers under 25 years of age – clearance from Central Self Drive Insurers is available for drivers up to 75.

Central Self Drive Insurance Policy Does Not Cover

Please note that although we can offer insurance this would not cover any negligence, on the part of the hirer. For example, mis-fuelling a vehicle, and / or driving under the influence of drink or drugs. Under such circumstances, the hirer will be held fully responsible for loss or damage to the vehicle and any loss of income.

  • Insurance excess
  • Theft of property within the vehicle
  • Damage to, theft, or loss of keys plus any consequential theft or damage to vehicle
  • Windscreens, wheels, tyres and steering geometry
  • Vehicles used for Hire or Reward
  • Vehicles used in competition
  • Damage to the rental vehicle as a result of driving under the influence of alcohol / drugs
  • Vehicles used off-road
  • Misuse or abuse of vehicle
  • Anything being towed by a vehicle or carried on roof racks / ladder racks etc
  • Vehicles which have been modified in any way without the authority of Central Self Drive or our insurers
  • Driver of the hired vehicle’s personal injury or loss of life (his own insurance would have to cover this
  • Vehicle Recovery charges
  • Mis-fuelling
  • Driving under a low bridge
  • Policy excess & Loss of Use

Please note this list is not exhaustive


A minimum insurance excess of £1000( may be increased subject to driver records) is applicable on all hires using Central Self Drive Insurance. The hirer will be responsible for the costs of any damage incurred up to and including the value of the excess.

Every Claim / Incident would be subject to an insurance excess i.e. a rental involved in more than one claim will be liable for more than one insurance excess.

We reserve the right to review the insurance excess value for any individual driver(s) who has been liable for an insurance excess charge.

Excess reduction may be offered at an additional fee.