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From a man with a van to a manager of 100 plus fleet, managing vehicles is a time consuming task. From maintenance through to accident management, taking care of just the daily wear and tear can take up a valuable days work not to mention down time on the vehicle.

Many people, at some time in life, have read about time management at least and tried to use an electronic or paper day planner to organise, prioritise and schedule the day. Why, with this knowledge and today’s gadgets do we still feel like we can’t get everything done which we need to?  Two hours at a garage getting a van fixed can feel like 12 years. And yet our 12-year-old children seem to have grown up in only two hours.

Let’s look at a small thing like sourcing a vehicle for your company. This can be a long painstaking task in itself. Firstly you need to take time considering the size and type of vehicle you will require. You may require a jumbo van 4-5 days a month but only require a small van all other days. What size van do you purchase? Where do you even begin to look? The different makes, models, gadgets etc available from different manufacturers! Using your time management technique, you could ask yourself; “Is hunting for bargains at my local van dealership the very best use of my time?”

Once you have sourced a vehicle a lot of time is needed on an ongoing basis to manage it. There is the general day to day running to consider and the ongoing responsibility of keeping it serviced, taxed and tested and the more vehicles you require the more time is needed. What do you do if the vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident?

Central Self Drive is here to help. Would you think twice about hiring a cleaner for a couple of hours a day to free up your precious time? So why think differently about your transport needs!

Our vast knowledge and experience can really help reduce your valuable time and company’s costs. After almost 50 years in all aspects of vehicle hire, leasing, sales and repair, our effective fleet business solutions knowledge and experience can alleviate the worry and stress of running one vehicle or many. We can help with:


Let’s put the fun back into acquiring your new fleet by helping you make an effectual and informed decision. By simply listening to what your fleet needs and requirements are, a proposal can be drawn up outlining the benefits and differences in funding methods. Comparing the various vehicles on the market and using whole life costing will help you choose the right vehicles to drive your business forward.


Your business fleet, whether large or small, will inevitably experience accidents from time to time. To ease your stress and put you back in the driving seat, we will deal with all aspects of your claim, from accident to recovery, replacement vehicles and

repairs; we can take care of it all. Our aim is to reduce off the road time (Downtime) and costs for you.


Driver training is an essential part of fleet management. Developing and educating your drivers will not only increase their awareness but also reduce accidents and cut costs whilst improving vehicle efficiency. You can count on our vast experience to help with the needs of your development.

With all these services and more why not let ‘Central’s Fleet Business Solutions’ give you more free time, whether it be for developing your business or for giving you more time out of the office, we are always happy to help.

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