The logistics & the construction industry go hand in hand, what good would come of having all the equipment and staff for a brand new project if you don’t have the correct vehicles at the time you need them to transport them?

The Construction Products Association has recently reported that the construction industry will grow 23 per cent by the end of 2018 and contribute £12bn to the UK economy over the next two years alone!

Looking at our home town of Warrington, we have recently seen:

  • The emergency demolition of the famous Mr Smith’s nightclub, after it was wrecked by fire.
  • The new shops/café/pub on the former Fordton Leisure Centre site.
  • Various new home builds.
  • Numerous road works due to underground maintenance works.

With the current growth rate expected to create an additional 223,450 jobs over the next five years, have you thought about ways in which to transport your equipment, tools and staff?

Everyone knows of the risks associated with business booms but do you know we can help? Our vast knowledge and experience can really help reduce your company’s costs when it comes to your company transportation needs.

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A Central Vehicle recently converted for a specialist company.



Central Contract Hire offers the most reliable and cost effective alternative to owning and maintaining your own vehicle. Choose any make, model, including colour and any optional extras and Central Contract Hire will locate and purchase it on your behalf.

If a 3 – 5 year contract does not meet your requirements we also have a range of flexible services to meet everyone’s needs.













At Central Self Drive we pride ourselves on having a vehicle for every dilemma, be it a crew van for transporting equipment and staff to a 4×4 for driving across the building site and all our Contract Hire vehicles can be tailor made to meet your company’s needs. Give us a call today and let us help you and your business!

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Construction Figures taken from : http://www.cnplus.co.uk/data/forecasts/

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