Max Grunblat, Director – Storage Management Company

Max Grunblat

Celebrating 50 Years of Business with Central Self Drive we have had Max Grunblat, Director – Storage Management Company answer some questions about us and our services over the years.

How do you know about Central Self Drive?

“We have used Central Self Drive as a supplier since 2002 and hired from Central over 100 times during this time! I have known David Lewis for approximately 10 years and have dealt directly with Alan Lewis, Mike, Charlie, Anne and Chris. Every experience I have had with Central Self Drive has been a positive one.”

What are your top 3 memories of Central Self Drive?

“We had an occasion when we found out on Good Friday we needed an urgent vehicle on Easter Saturday which was delivered to my house at 8:00 am the next morning.

David let us try out a little run-around vehicle – which reminds me there are pictures somewhere which we need to dig out!

Having a test drive of a Maserati Dave had “lying around” definitely makes one of my top 3 memories.”

Any funny stories?

“We had an employee who had been lent a new car and he brought it to the office. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get it started. After trying for about an hour, we thought David could send one of his mechanics round to see what was round. After a few minutes on the phone, he told us the car was electric and was starting the whole time but we just couldn’t hear it.

Another time David lend me a Mercedes as my own car had a fault and halfway down the M6, a red warning light came on. I couldn’t find an explanation for it in the manual and it was obviously important so I gave Dave a ring for advice….. 5 minutes later he told me I was driving too close to the car in front!!”

What are your thoughts about Central and the way the business is run?

“Central Self Drive operate their business in a very professional, flexible and reliable manner. I have recommended Central as a preferred car/van rental company to friends and family in the past and would not hesitate to do so in the future!

I’ve had many vehicles from Central and the rates, service, flexibility and reliability has always been the reason we have stayed with them for so long.”

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