News from Volkswagen

News from Volkswagen Van Hire Warrington

Volkswagen has announced its new line of conversions for its all-new Crafter with the first expected to roll of the production line by December and hopefully seeing these on our rental fleet by the new year!

Drop sided vans, tippers, crew vans and lutons all with specification variants including their start line, trendline and ,highline can be expected on our van hire fleet in Warrington by the early new year.

Central Self Drive was keen to see its launch at the Commercial Vehicle Show in April, with taking delivery of their first panel vans in September of this year.

The all-new Crafter has been re-designed to meet the needs of van operators, This along with our flexible vehicle hire packages is a great way for businesses to get new crafter vans quick and with minimal outlay.

Vw crafters are available on our daily, weekly and monthly rentals.

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