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The vehicle you drive is often a reflection of your lifestyle, outlook and taste, what impression would you like to give to prospective clients?

Did you know that, on average, 80% of people on the road notice your work vehicle? Say each month you pass 1 million people, that’s the equivalent of handing out 800,000 business cards in 30 days!

Well did you know making that change from a clapped out old vehicle to a brand new one with modern graphics, could actually save you money and improve your business image, potentially gaining you more clients?

When you use Central Self Drive’s Contract Hire service not only can you be motoring for a set monthly fee, saving on vehicle repairs, off road time etc but the vehicle you are using can be sign written to the highest standard, advertising your services for you as well.

Using Central’s ‘Your Vehicle, Your Way’ service means whatever you require for your vehicle to look the part, it can be arranged. From livery, trackers and tow bars, through to beacons, chapter 8 and bulkheads, whatever you require for your business and image Central Self Drive can and will yield.

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