We Take Environmental Stewardship Seriously

One thing you can be certain of, when doing business with Central Self Drive, you are partnering with a company which values the world we live in and takes environmental stewardship seriously. 

In March we published our blog, CENTRAL SELF DRIVE’S ECO DRIVING TIPS, to show ways in which you can save on fuel consumption and pollution but what are we as a company doing day to day for the environment?  Please take a look at our Environmental Statement Policy below.




What we are actually doing day to day!




As we renew our fleet, Central Self Drive will endeavour to replace vehicles with the most fuel efficient and lowest CO2 emissions possible, whilst maintaining business sustainability and efficiency.

When replacing our fleet we look to buy vehicles which have –

  • Latest euro 6 engines
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Stop / Start Technology
  • Eco Drive Assist
  • Speed Limiters and Restrictors
  • 6 Gear Speed Box


  • Only print emails and downloadable files when absolutely necessary
  • Recycle as much office waste as possible
  • Recycle or refill our ink cartridges
  • Turn off office lights at the end of a day and when the office is not in use
  • Turn off any heating/cooling system when a room is not in use
  • Use and set thermostats low on heating appliances



  • Vehicle Transport – We will organise the delivery and collection of vehicles to and from our customers in the most efficient process possible to minimise unnecessary vehicle mileage and fuel usage
  • Drivers – Our Drivers are trained in fuel effective driving techniques
  • Customers – We offer Eco Driving tips to customers
  • Cleaning – Our vehicles cleaning products will be diluted to the manufacturers recommendations
  • Vehicle Repairs – We will service and maintain our fleet above and beyond manufacturers recommendations
  • Workshop Waste – We register our commercial waste (tyres and oil), obtain and file waste certificates and notes until required

Central Self Drive is a professional and environmentally conscious organisation which acknowledges the impact that our operations may potentially have on the environment.

Management and supervisory staff have responsibilities for the implementation of our policy and must ensure that environmental issues are given adequate consideration in the planning and daily supervision of all work.


As a vehicle hire company, we are not only committed to making sure every effort is made to lower our carbon footprint and lessen our vehicles emissions but we are also conscious of our daily working impact on the environment.

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