The Twizy – You won’t hear any roars from this engine



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If Wolfie can drive the Twizy, it can’t be that small!


Central Self Drive had the pleasure of having Renault’s flagship vehicle, the Twizy, on demo for the week on 27th May until 3rd June 2015. You may remember we sent out an advert, asking if people would like to trial the Twizy and we were overwhelmed by the response, within 12 hours all spaces for the trial had been filled. Our staff and customers took it in turn to use the vehicle for a few hours in return for feedback, so let’s take a look at the outcome.

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We think the staff had lots of fun in this vehicle!

The first question we asked everyone was, ‘How did the Twizy drive?’

The general consensus seemed to be strange at first but when you take to the open road in the Twizy you can feel quite vulnerable, as the vehicle only has one seat and you are smaller than the smallest car already out on the road.

The twizy does not command a lot of respect from other drivers and you have to be confident and commanding to travel alongside other vehicles, as they do have a tendency to dismiss you. Around town though, it is not lacking in acceleration or power, so you don’t get left behind.  You can’t be shy in this vehicle, as you do get a lot of attention from the general public! One customer likened it to driving in a fishbowl, as everybody stares as you drive around. We found overall people would either stop and stare or laugh at you in this vehicle but having no windows you can hear the rude comments, which we could not possibly publish here due to public decency laws.

We asked, ‘How did it feel driving it?’

The answers were varied to this question but the general consensus was that it felt ok. A bit bumpy was mentioned a lot but we feel this is most likely due to the small wheels and large numbers of potholes in every road in the UK. It pulled away well and didn’t get left behind.

‘Was it fun to drive?’

The overall answer to this was YES!

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‘What did you like most about the Twizy’

With the ever rising fuel costs these days the answer to this question was no surprise really. 100% answered no fuel costs. Although the Twizy may add a few pounds to your Electricity Bill, it still works out a lot cheaper to run per mile than a traditionally fueled vehicle.

Asking, ‘What did you dislike about the vehicle?’

100% of people asked about dislikes on the vehicle, mentioned range! Charging the twizy can take 2-4 hours and on average this will last for 50 miles before another charge. This means a 3-4 hour journey from Warrington to London, in the twizy this would turn into a 12-14 hour drive with charging.

A few people mentioned the lack of windows, which we would imagine will be those who drove it in the rain! One person said  because it started to rain and the vehicle didn’t have windows he got a bit wet. Well the Twizy can’t be blamed for the British weather can it? The lack of entertainment was also mentioned in this category.

‘Overall opinion’

Varied answers came back from this question from, 10/10 a fun car that could work on many levels through, to one customer stating he valued his life and would not want to drive it again!

On the whole, we noticed nearly everyone who drove the Twizy brought it back with a smile on their face and a smile is contagious, so even if the Twizy’s only use is to spread a little happiness, then is it not worth a go? The Renault Twizy puts the fun into driving!













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