Top tips for comparing van hire prices

Ford Transit Long Wheel Base van hire

When you are looking at renting a vehicle just like shopping for anything else, whether it be a car, a house or even your weekly food shopping, the price and value for money is always one of, if not the top priority. But when you are looking at renting a vehicle it is not as easy as comparing a big brand to a supermarket’s own brand on your weekly shop.

So here are a few of our helpful and handy tips to know, ask and think about when you are looking at renting a vehicle.

When comparing prices you need to ensure you know what is included and what is excluded when you are given a quote. Insurance can vary dramatically, so make sure you know exactly what you are and are not covered for with each supplier and never assume that any quote will include all the elements that you need. Compare like with like and if unlimited mileage deals are available they are definitely recommended to go for. Always read the full terms and conditions before you commit to your booking and always pay by credit or debit card if the transaction is over £100 in value.

Differences and Comparisons to look for:

  1. Hire prices/rates.
  2. Insurance (Collision Damage Weaver).
  3. Excess in the event of an accident/damage to the vehicle.
  4. Excess reduction policy – How much does it cost to reduce the insurance excess and to what amount? For example here at Central Self Drive our customers can pay £15.00 per day to reduce the insurance excess from £1000 to £375.
  5. Mileage restrictions/excess mileage charge.
  6. Make/Model of vehicles – MPG figures – If you are going to be travelling a long way it may be worth taking into account the quality of vehicle the companies rent out and their MPG figures.
  7. Deposits held – Why have large amounts of money tied up in a security deposit when you could be spending it yourself on what you want.

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