Check out our top tips to potentially save £1,000s on your car insurance…!

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It can be the biggest bane of some people’s year, a costly outgoing that rarely makes any sense or justification… car insurance.

Random spikes in the cost, thousands of sub-clauses and terms to get your head around and a list longer than your arm of comparison site prices. It seems at times, the insurance companies are just trying to fleece us for every last pound we have, but there are some tips and tricks that can help you snaffle the best possible price.

Come and take a look…

The 21-day rule

We’re not talking about some diet fad now, this tried and tested (yet relatively unknown method) has been helping numerous customers’ pockets in recent times.

You may think getting in early will grab you a great price, or perhaps leaving it to the last second will force the companies to slash their prices… think again.

It’s neither early nor late, with 21 days the optimal time to look at renewing. This may not work for everyone, but it should help.


Pay upfront

This may not exactly be a hack, given the two prices are usually staring you in the face, but it will save you a considerable amount if you pay the full year upfront rather than monthly.

Opting to pay monthly adds extra hassle to the car insurance companies, who in return will charge you more, not only overall but in interest.

It may be an expensive outgoing all at once, but it’ll be worth it. If the disposable funds aren’t available right away then look at taking out an interest-free credit card, and paying it off when you can that way.


Add additional drivers

Believe it or not, adding additional drivers can sometimes lower the cost of your renewal quote.  This is especially important if you’re a younger driver, as adding experience to your policy will mean you’re sharing the driving and lowering the risk of an accident.

It is also a bonus as you’ll be able to give other friends or family the ability to drive your car at any point.


Don’t just accept the first quote

Insurers regularly rely on the laziness and perhaps stupidity of some customers, sending them a renewal that is over the odds in the hope that the regular customers will stay loyal and pay up.

The first thing to do is head for the comparison sites, and see if you can find a cheaper quote (you almost certainly will). Once you’ve found your quote, go back to your original provider, and ask them to beat the price offered.

It’s also worth asking even if they may be the cheapest price, as they may be in a position to offer you a returning customer discount.


Install a dashcam

One of the newest hacks on the list, many insurers now ask if your car is fitted with a dashcam, as doing so can lead to a cheaper quote offered.

The reasoning? Well, there’s a few. If there’s dashcam footage then this will almost eliminate those ‘false’ claims that car insurance companies are littered with every single day. It also deems you as a safer driver and will help speed up any accident claims massively whether you’re in the right or wrong.

It’s a relatively inexpensive thing to buy and install but could save you 1000s of pounds every single year, that sounds like a no brainer to us!

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