Merry go round of unforeseen Old Vans Problems

old van problems

Merry go round of unforeseen Old Vans Problems

As years pass by, you may notice that your old van does not work as efficiently as it used to. All the mileage, wear and tear and repair contribute to the problems that it starts to display when it reaches a certain age. Here are a few problems that you may face:


1) Leaks

When your van becomes old, it is more likely to leak oil or water. You may notice that when you reverse out of a parking spot, there may be little droplets of oil on the road below. Similarly, if you notice that water is leaking out from blow then it could indicate that your cooling system is damaged or your radiator has given out.


2) Rust

No matter how well your van has been maintained, in due time you will notice that it will start to rust. If not from the edges then from underneath. You may even notice rust accumulating under the bumpers or window sills. Rust is a bacteria that consumes the actual metal frame of your car. Thus, the more it accumulates the more damage it will cause to the frame and structure of your van.


3) Worn out interior

One of the major old van problems is the interior. Over the course of a few years, the extensive use of the van will result in the interior of the car giving out. Your seatbelts won’t seem to work, your windows might not go fully down, your hazard lights will cease to function, your door locks may become jammed and many other countless damages could exist.


4) Ineffective suspension

You will notice that over the course of time, you van will not have the subtle bounce to it and turns will not be as smooth as they were. This would mean that its suspension has worn out and might be on the verge of snapping at any point. If they do break, it is not a cheap fix.


5) Noisy cooling or heating machines

When you switch on your AC or the heater, you will notice that your old van will become twice as noisy. The air will feel like a separate entity inside the car. This is one of the major old van problems that almost every experience. If these systems are totally damaged then you will have to bear the harsh weather.


6) Dodgy lights

Old van problems entail that you will have dodgy lights. They will seem to work whenever they feel like it and not when you need them the most. At some point in time, they will just start to flicker.


7) Overused tyres

This is one of the problems that can be fixed if need be but usually, the tyres of an old van will become worn out. This would increase the likelihood that they burst open while you are driving. Additionally, they can also do extensive damage to the steering wheel, the suspension and the actual frame of the car.


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