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All Central Self Drive vehicles now have the option of a GPS tracking device!

Yes we have just invested in the latest technology, providing you with Internet-based access to LIVE vehicle tracking and asset management. We know that to many of our customers, locating your vehicles at all times has many benefits.


If you are a fleet manager not only could tracking devices save you money on insurance premiums but they could also save you on running costs. Knowing which of your vehicles is closest for that urgent job means you save on fuel and time. Knowing if your driver goes off a designated route also saves on fuel and time.

Your Carbon Impact

CO2 emissions from corporate travel can account for over 25% of a company’s carbon ‘footprint’. Knowing where your vehicles are at all times can ensure you are not wasting fuel meaning your carbon impact can be reduced.

Driver Productivity

With the driver behavior reports you can see the smaller details of how your vehicle is being driven such as harsh breaking/acceleration and speed. Geo-Fencing also comes with our trackers meaning you receive an alert if a driver goes away from a designated area. You can also add 5 points of interest which if a driver goes near one of these places you will be the first to be alerted.

Customer Service

We all know that customers are our number one priority no matter what business we run. Being able to track how far your driver is from a customer at a glance gives you the power to provide an excellent standard of customer service.


Next time you order a vehicle from Central Self Drive ask about our Tracking Option, we can give you a unique log on code to access any of our tracked vehicles at any time.

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