Van Hire and it’s Role in Your Business

Fleet of van hire vans from central self drive.

So many businesses of all shapes and sizes need transport to carry not just themselves but their equipment across job sites. Thus the question arises, should you opt to purchase a van for this reason or look to a van hire?

Van hire may seem like a strange consideration for someone trying to build their business. Or one with an already successful one. Why would I, a capable owner, rely on someone else’s vehicle? In what world would I not decide to purchase my own van or car?

It would look good on a financial statement, and you could even get a tax break from the government over it. Unlike with a van rental you would entirely own it. Though, this would mean paying a huge lump cost all at once in addition to any further costs that would come from maintaining it.

If you’re starting out this can be a real issue and even if you’ve been at this for a while you may find yourself indecisive. Let’s break down some points, briefly, to help you in your decision making.

Van Hire in Building a Business

As you’re growing your business there are a number of considerations to look at when it comes to using a hiring service.

Low Monthly Investment

With a van hire you pay a mere fraction of the cost of purchasing one in full. As a business savvy owner in the current economy you know how important it can be to spread out costs. Keeping large expenses out of the way helps you to stay afloat.

Flexibility of Choice with a Van Hire

Making a purchase means committing to a vehicle long term which can be undesirable. Or downright negative towards your success. With a van rental you’ll be able to choose month to month what type of vehicle you want to use. The range of vehicles you have available to your business expands from one to an entire fleet.

You allow yourself access to the entire range that a rental business has on offer. Not to mention the flexibility of location. Being able to rent from any location across the country gives you a massive range of movement and freedom. Whether it be a Warrington van hire or a London one, you’ll be able to easily relocate with an available vehicle to use.

Reliability of Van Rentals

No one wants to think of something so core to their business failing them. Still, it’s a real possibility that you could suffer a breakdown or worse in the middle of your work. Not only does this mean a serious maintenance cost but it also puts your business success at risk.

With a van rental however, you’ll have round the clock assurance that there’s always another vehicle on offer. Ready to go whenever you need it.

Business Relationship Benefits

While it’s not touched upon often you should also consider the relationship you develop when renting from a rental business such as with the various Warrington van hire businesses. As you continue to rent from a a business, you may be able to negotiate better deals and offers.

In addition, you may be able to engage in networking too as is the case with our own Warrington van hire organisation. We pride ourselves on not only offering a variety of vehicles but also offering opportunities and deals where they are mutually beneficial.

Into the Future

Best of all once you’ve rented for a time and finally wish to commit to owning a van outright, you can often negotiate a purchase with the rental business. Going from van rental to van leasing with ease. And quite possibly a discount for your consistent business, saving you money in the long run.

In this way you’re not only able to build a relationship with a business that you may look to in the future when expanding your business fleet, you’ll also have had ample chance to test out a van before committing to it.


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