Vehicle Security

How to keep your vehicles safe and reduce risk!

We already know the wide range of items available to prevent the vehicle itself being taken! Common sense tells us to ensure are vehicles are locked and never left running idle when we are away from the vehicle. Although locking our vehicles away in a secure garage when not in use is the perfect solution it is not readily available to everyone. Whether you run a fleet of vehicles or just a private car, there are plenty of things you can do to help prevent the crime.

– Garage your vehicle whenever possible.
– Park in well-lit busy areas. Pick a parking spot where there is a lot of activity. Vehicle thieves prefer breaking into cars in isolated areas.
– Never leave a Sat Nav in the vehicle’s window. If you really can’t take your sat nav or other valuables with you, it may be worth hiding them before you reach your destination in case you are being watched when you arrive but remember thieves know where to look. Take the whole unit out of your vehicle including the mounting bracket.
– If you operate a small fleet, consider obstructing access to vehicles with high ground clearance by parking lower vehicles close by.
– If the vehicle is high risk for catalytics converter theft, consider marking the metal shell of the converter with a unique mark, so that if it is removed by thieves it will be easier to trace back to your vehicle (you can buy a kit consisting of a virtually indestructible sticker, metal marking fluid and a window sticker – to warn thieves that the catalytic converter carries an identification mark).
– Fuel thieves typically assess opportunities during the day time and strike at night or weekends. Be aware of loiterers and strangers walking through your vehicle parking areas and challenge any suspicious behaviour. If they can’t get into the tank through the fuel cap they may cut fuel lines or drill directly into the tanks.
– Fit locking wheel nuts
– It may be worth removing (outside) spare wheels and storing them inside the vehicle when possible.
– If you’re in the process of buying a new car, ask the dealer to fit theft resistant number plates when the car is first registered or invest in these.
– Look out for people working under cars without a breakdown vehicle or mechanical van near by.

To further improve security, CSD can now offer Vehicle Tracking on its rental fleet from £20 per month, with free installation and training. Call us if you’d like to learn more about Vehicle Tracking options.



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