What am I liable for if my hire vehicle is involved in an incident?

What am I liable for if my hire vehicle is involved in an incident? | CSD

Among our many frequently asked questions, this is one that we at Central Self Drive, get asked on a regular occurrence and rightly so…

Taking out a hire vehicle is a big commitment by both parties but it shouldn’t be one that causes worry and should be stress-free and at Central Self Drive that’s exactly what we want it to be!

So in our latest blog, we’re going to answer you, as a customer, are liable for should you be involved in an incident. Should the worse happen, you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing what you are liable for and what you are not:

A customer is liable to pay excess should a hire vehicle be damaged or a claim made against/for it. This is usually £1000.


If the accident involves a third party –

This is where our hire vehicle damages another road user. Should this happen, the full excess amount (this is usually £1000). This amount is then paid to our insurance – this, in turn, is to pay out the balance of the claim (usually around the £15,000 mark).


Damage only occurs to the hire vehicle –

If damage only occurs to our vehicle and no other costs are charged, then you will only pay for this damage.

The cost of this is up to the excess of £1000 – for example, if the damage repair costs to our vehicle are £100, a customer would pay £100.

On the flip side of this, if repair costs totalled £1500, the cost for the customer would be the max excess of £1000.


What items are not covered in my hire insurance agreement? –

The following items are not covered by a customer’s hire insurance agreement – this means that any damages will have to be paid in full:

  • Windscreen Damage
  • Tyre Damage/Punctures
  • Engine Damage due to lack of water, oil or any other fluids
  • Interior Damage (rips to seats, material damage etc.)
  • Fuel Contamination


We hope this clears up any fears you may have regarding your vehicle hire liability agreement with Central Self Drive.

Should you have any further queries or need any further information, please don’t hesitate to call a member of our friendly customer service team on 01925 444 750 or enquire online here.

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