What is Vehicle Leasing – Car and Van Leasing Explained?

What is Vehicle Leasing – Car and Van Leasing Explained?

Vehicle leasing might sound like a scary phrase if it is one you are unaware of – but don’t fear, it’s why we’re here!

In this latest Central Self Drive blog, we’ll breakdown car and van leasing so that you are better informed on what choice is better for you or your business. Starting with what exactly is vehicle leasing?

Leasing a car or van is in essence, a form of hire or rental. The difference is that when you choose vehicle leasing, you are entering a form of fixed contract with a hire company.

This means that you have agreed an amount of time you wish to hire for, and also the price you are willing to pay.

Vehicle leasing opens up many options as well as add-ons that can be beneficial depending on your circumstances and needs. Particularly, for emerging businesses, vehicle leasing can provide possibilities that purchasing cannot.

Here are your options for vehicle leasing available at Central Self Drive:


Month by Month:

This type of vehicle leasing is exactly what the title suggests – month by month!

Here’s how it works at Central Self Drive:

  1. Pick your vehicle
  2. Decide on a length of time
  3. How many miles do you need, per month?
  4. Customise to suit your needs
  5. Agree on a payment plan
  6. Hit the road!


So in six easy steps, you can hire the vehicle of your choice, on your terms, every month!

All our month by month vehicles have as standard included:

  • `Full service
  • Repairs
  • Tyres
  • 24/7 breakdown cover
  • Replacement vehicle policy
  • Maintenance
  • Road Fund License
  • Fair wear and tear policy


Contract Hire

This type of hire is perfect if you are solely looking to lease through or as a business. This form of vehicle leasing is a reliable alternative to an outright purchase of your chosen vehicle, whilst also bringing down costs.

We purchase 100+ vehicles each year so you’ll never be short on choice and can expect all the amenities that you’d expect from a month by month vehicle leasing.


Business and Fleet Support

You’ll be amazed to know that our longest B2B relationship is 42 years and counting, which we hope puts any fears to rest about business or fleet vehicle leasing.

We also have 300 plus vehicles to choose from to form your ideal fleet as well as having guaranteed availability – within four hours notice we can get the vehicle you need to you!

You can expect all the added benefits we have previously mentioned in both months by month and contract vehicle leasing.

Benefits specific to business and fleet support include onsite mobile repairs, fleet/account management, free delivery and collection as well as replacement vehicles.

Now you know what we can offer when it comes to vehicle leasing, it’s time to get on the road with Central Self Drive!

Call us on 01925 444 750 or enquire online here.

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