What was new in September?

September was a pretty busy month for us, a total of 12 65 plate vehicles were added to our ever growing fleet! 6 being vans and 6 being cars, three Citroen’s, two Volkswagen, two Ford’s, two Renault’s, two Mercedes-Benz and one Audi. Just like most of our vehicles we’ve still not seen much of them.

65 plates

The first to arrive were the two Mercedes-Benz and the Audi on the 1st September.






65 plate renaults 2

Shortly followed by the two Renault Megane’s on the 7th September.






Then sometime later on September 28th the Ford Mondeo arrived.65 plate mondeo








And finally on the 30th September three Citroen’s, two Volkswagen and one Ford arrived rounding off September.65 PLATE BERLINGO'S 65 plate ford and V.W's 2

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